Luncheon Party Platter

An array of signature sandwiches all halved & presented on a serving tray. Served with kettle chips and dill pickles - 99.99 (serves 8-10 people)


Slow-roasted ham & turkey, bourbon bacon jam, tomato chutney, mayo, Provolone, Bibb lettuce & tomato on a toasted French baguette

Turkey Bacon Brie

Our slow-roasted turkey, homemade bourbon bacon jam, Brie, tomato and Bibb lettuce on a toasted French baguette

Chef Salad

Slow-roasted ham & turkey, bacon, avocado, cherry tomatoes, hard-boiled egg, Monterey Jack cheese and fresh greens. Served with your choice of dressing

Sunrise Breakfast Buffet

Fluffy scrambled eggs, seasoned red skin potatoes, bacon, sausage or ham, your choice of toast, whipped butter and homemade strawberry preserves - 12.99 per person (a 10 person minimum is required)

Fresh-cut Fruit Bowl

A bowl of seasonal fruit (serves 10-12) - 49.99

Mix & Match Box Lunches

Customize your order…mix and match any of our box lunch signature sandwiches. All sandwiches are boxed with a cookie and Terra chips - 10.99 per person (10 person minimum is required)

Our Signature BLT

Bacon, Bibb lettuce, tomato & mayo all on a toasted oat bran cherry pecan bread

Big Bowl Salads

All of our salads serve 8-10 people - 69.99

Traverse City Cherry Salad

Our homemade, creamy cherry & turkey salad, pecans, grape tomatoes, dried cherries and Monterey Jack cheese served on a bed of greens. Served with cherry vinaigrette

Freshly Brewed Coffee

A disposable pot of locally roasted, freshly brewed premium coffee. Sugar packets, creamers & coffee cups are included (serves 8) - 24.99

Cherry Turkey Salad Croissant

Homemade, cherry & slow-roasted turkey salad, bacon, tomato and Bibb lettuce on a flaky croissant

Greek Wrap

Roasted red pepper hummus, spring mix, Feta, red onion, cucumber, black olives, tomatoes & Greek dressing wrapped in a flour tortilla

Turkey Cherry Pecan Salad

Slow-roasted turkey, pecans, bacon, dried cherries, Blue cheese and fresh chopped greens all tossed in balsamic poppy seed dressing

Sweet Treat Platter

A tempting assortment of fresh baked, quartered cinnamon rolls, pecan rolls, strudels, muffins and cookies (serves 10-12) - 49.99

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

A disposable container of our fresh squeezed orange juice (serves 8) - 39.99